About Us

Welcome to Beach Bum Naturals!! We are a small business that is passionate about bringing you professional natural skincare at a fraction of the cost of high end name brands. 

Our journey began in 2015, where a series of allergic reactions to skincare products led to some heavy research into the nasty ingredients that are common in our skin and body care products. This affected my entire household. Every one of us was having issues and soon, none of could use ANYTHING that wasn't natural. 

We found that a lot of the natural products were not only expensive but were lacking pizazz. I wanted my skincare to have active ingredients that offer my skin more than just basic benefits. I went on to get my diplomas in Aromatherapy, Organic Herbal Skincare & Organic Skincare Business.

Fast forward to 2019 when Beach Bum Naturals Skincare was born. We started with a few formulations and have since expanded into a full skincare, body care and bath lineup of beautiful products that my family loves & uses every day. We hope you love them too. 

Thanks for joining the family. Enjoy your goodies as much as we do!!