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Beach Bum Naturals Skincare

Morning Mocha - Just Beachy Sugar Scrub

Morning Mocha - Just Beachy Sugar Scrub

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The smell of Freshly brewed coffee with a hint of sweetness, like the perfect morning mocha, will wake up your senses

Body Wash & Body Scrub in one leaves your skin feeling clean, silky smooth and moisturized

The Benefits

  • Scrub away dead skin cells, leaving your skin flawless and ready for the day
  • Our Scrubs Contain Sodium Lactate, an alpha-hydroxy acid, which is one of the Natural Moisturizing Factor of the skin, required in the maintenance of natural hydration. Sodium Lactate is a superior moisturizer, increasing the moisture content of skin by up to 84%. 

How To Use

~ Apply the foaming scrub liberally to desired areas of the body, then rinse off completely
~ Avoid leaving the container open in direct water

Scent Profile

~ Freshly brewed coffee with a hint of sweetness like the perfect morning mocha

Skin Feel

~ Grainy and silky smooth
~ Not too rough, just the right amount of sugar

Size & Packaging

~110 grams
~ Wide mouth Plastic Jar
~ Reusable/Recyclable

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